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YONAS released a new song called “All Rise” back in November and now he returns with an official music video.

He had this to say about the video

“This song to me is a defining moment in my career. As an artist who’s completely independent, and who’s mission is to bring content back to popular music, it’s been a journey building my fan base and getting to the tipping point where the mainstream world is starting to know my name and music. “All Rise” is a call to action for all those who have believed in me from day one and who have carried me to this point. It’s our time. It’s my time. It’s that moment we as a movement push everything over the edge. The video brings everything back from half-time in my career. I feel like as an independent artist, I’ve accomplished so much more than I could of imagined, from touring the country 4 times, to heading over seas for the first time, to generating 200+ million streams online, to working with some amazing artists. But even still, it’s not enough in today’s industry. I took a break to really evaluate where I want to go next, and what I want to achieve next, and now it’s time to go after it! Any time you take even the slightest of breaks in the music world they assume you’re dead and gone… I think this video helps set the record straight that no matter what, my fans will always dig me out of that proverbial grave, and the music will always survive beyond the judgement of critics. It’s my time.”

Download & Watch below:


God Son !!

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