VIDEO: Stan Sono – Impress Me

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Coming off the success of his latest release “Damelo,” rising Chicago singer, Stan Son, decides to come through today and share the official video for his latest single “Impress Me,” which saw a co-sign from Wiz Khalifa.

Directed by Collin Schroeder & Flow Clark, the video, which appropriately arrived on Valentines Day, finds the multi-talented singer kicking it with a plethora of beautiful women in a colorful & vibrant-ambiance setting.

“Earlier this year, around Spring, my manager Will flew me out to LA for a month and setup studio sessions to link me with some producers. Those who’ve known me are accustomed to me producing my own music,” he said. “But I’ve learned that allowing other musicians to come into your world can open up a whole new universe. My homie Benjamin did that for me on this one. I had tried to make this song a few different times over different tempos and styles of production. But when Benjamin pulled up this beat I instantly knew that hook ‘don’t nobody impress me but you’ was made for it. I laid that down, we wrote the rest of the song, and had it done in less than an hour. It was the first time I had ever made a song that quick. I’m super proud of the simplicity and catchiness of it. I definitely feel like the ladies are gonna have this on repeat and know all the words.”

Check out the official video and let us know what you think


God Son !!

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