Robb Bank$’ new video for “225” is about as classic of a rap video as it gets. Bank$ spends the majority of the video rapping in front of a crew of dudes from Florida, where he grew up after moving from New York, where he was born (as the son of Shaggy). The video gets a bit out there at certain points with some animations of Bank$ that look like they came out of one of the Matrix movies.

Another notable appearance in the video is by the late XXXtentacion, who appears twice, the second time coinciding with Bank$’ lyric: “bless you, bless you, two friends, dead.” The two Florida rappers were apparently close enough to share unreleased music with each other over Instagram dm, which is part of how Bank$ has been promoting his forthcoming album, Falconiawhich is set to release in three parts later this summer.