Rob $tone is back with the visuals for his Malik Burgers-assisted “Lemon Grove,” a track inspired by the San Diego neighborhood of the same name. Despite affiliations with cities like Atlanta, Lemon Grove is the locale that $tone calls home and those roots radiate on this cut. Rob $tone has previously been vocal about his allegiance to his native San Diego and the shift he sees in its hip-hop scene.

“It’s a real hip-hop culture,” he once told Billboard. “There’s a lot of gangsta rap in San Diego as well. Ever since 1207, everyone’s been coming together. There’s a sense of unity and pride from San Diego right now that’s amazing.”

While Rob $tone has been making headlines for his controversy outside of the booth with other members of the new school, he’s focused on the music and the fans regardless and recently announced new dates for his headlining “$tone Cold” tour in support of his debut Don’t Wait For It studio album that arrived last year.