PnB Rock may be a confident man, but that doesn’t stop him from harbouring the occasional insecurity. For one, the artist seems to have a striking intolerance for being placed in “The Friend Zone,” a fate that has befallen plenty of would-be wooers for generations. Evidently, PnB seems ready to dodge the zone entirely, as evidenced by his latest visuals for “ABCD (Friend Zone).” Taking to the porch for the home-field advantage, the bespectacled singer sets his sights on a young lady, and proceeds to move accordingly.

“Miss me with the friend zone,” he sings, leaving some to wonder whether he ever had a chance of appearing there in the first place. In any case, it’s hard to say if PnB is self deprecating enough to paint a narrative in which he goes home empty handed. Look to PnB Rock for inspiration the next time you feel like courtship is imminent.