LiL Yachty’s “BOOM!” is one of the more rambunctious numbers on Life Boat 2, thanks to production that merits sub-like frequencies. The future is neither bright nor sunken like a chest when Lil Yachty gets his engine running. Like a child playing with building blocks, or who borrowed his sisters dolls, “BOOM!” takes us face first into the World of Aesthetics, from a child’s perspective.

The video for “BOOM!” starts off without warning. Child actors playing younger versions of Lil Yachty and Ugly God sit down on the carpeting close to their trinkets and toys. The camera then launches us into a micro scale model of the toys moving involuntarily. The two rappers hop “in the whip and go VROOM,” before shifting their focus to a model fighter jet.

Reliving those play pen fantasies is of utmost importance to Lil Yachty as he fancies himself a big kid with expensive toys. The difference between a child’s play and a rapper’s imagined reality don’t seem all too different, especially after watching Yachty and Ugly God run amok for 4 minutes.