It’s been a big year for both Lil Skies and Rich The Kid. While Rich The Kid has seen much more mainstream success, he’s also been active in the rap game for much longer than Skies. Regardless, the two of them have seen a lot of success coming their way and it doesn’t look like either of them plan on slowing down. Earlier in the year, Lil Skies and Rich The Kid teamed up for their collaboration, “Creeping” which is arguably one of the dopest tracks Skies dropped this year. Today, the two of them embody the song’s title for the official music video.

Lil Skies and Rich The Kid get together for their new video for “Creeping.” The video kicks off with Lil Skies on a school bus where he attempts to shoot his shot with his crush. After the girl goes home, Skies and Rich The Kid post up as they rap their verses to her from her yard of her home. Shortly after, the girl’s father comes outside, snatches Skies and drags him inside. It’s a hilarious video that brings out the comedic side of both Skies and Rich The Kid. The video was directed by Cole Bennett.