Lil Kim dropped a new single in time for her July birthday and its visual is finally here. “Nasty One” takes its viewers to the exotic space the rapper envisioned:

“The single instantly reminds me of when I use to go to the underground clubs as a teenager. I naturally wanted the video to reflect that with the super sexy Caribbean vibe, vivid colors and the dancing. When my fans watch the video, I want them to ultimately jump up and groove with it.”

Lil Kim bodies the female lead role in the video with ease. Her charisma is palpable and a reminder of how she has sustained relevance in the game for decades. Her return is more than welcome after her long hiatus. The Brooklyn native’s last studio album, The Naked Truth, dropped in 2005.

The rap star knows how meaningful this next album is for her fans, so she is preparing something special for the occasion:

“I think that this is one of my highly anticipated albums and I want it to be fun. What comes with telling a story is fun. I’m not gonna sit here and just make an album that’s [just] storytelling; you can’t play that in the clubs.”