Kid Ink never stops working, not even while on vacation. Taking to Jamaica for a little bit of R&R, and if the clip is any indication, copious amounts of marijuana, Kid Ink made sure to allocate a bit of time to the grind. That in itself makes him unique, as the idea of working while on vacation is not entirely far from a nightmare. Still, Kid Ink makes it look easy, with an effortless, beach-side swagger. Enter “Woop Woop,” shot on location on the Jamaican shores, a worthy showcase of the island’s beauty.

Though Ink keeps it relatively simple, he and his team make due, opting for a low-key, intimate experience. Highlighting the beaches, the cliffs, and the nightlife, “Woop Woop” provides viewers with a welcome bit of Jamaican flavor. If this doesn’t make you want to submit your vacation requests, perhaps a little bit of rethinking might be needed.