He may have spent a minute behind bars, but Kevin Gates has returned without having lost a step. Coming off the drop of his stellar Chained To The City EP, Gates has officially dropped off a brand new video for “Vouch.” Switching it up, Gates leaves his hood of Baton Rouge for a field trip to Watts, Los Angeles; there, he proceeds to maneuver through the neighborhood like a genuine leader, earning co-signs from all walks of life. It goes to show that inter-hood respect is still a valuable commodity across the rap-game; Gates knows this well.

The Julien Soulier directed clip features a cameo appearance from Demar Derozan of the San Antonio Spurs, but the true heart is in the everyman. The sections in which Gates connects with the community are among the strongest, and solidify the rapper as a bonafide man of the people. Peep Gates’ latest right now, and sound off below.