VIDEO: Hopsin – Tell’em Who You Got it From

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Hopsin’s No Shame album is a mere four months old, and fans are still digesting the musically diverse project. With singles ranging from absurd (“Happy Ending”), emotionally vulnerable (“Ill Mind Of Hopsin 9”) and straight up stylistic change-ups like “Tell’em Who You Got It From,” Hop’s latest has been deemed his most complete project thus far. Today, we’re concerned with the latter track, which has recently received the visual treatment. The RnB inspired cut lands a black and white clip courtesy of cinematographer Justin Jones; despite the song’s emotional nature, it wouldn’t be a Hop video without a few seductive ladies on deck.

For the most part, the video centers around Hopsin’s sense of isolation. He wanders the streets aimlessly, and seems unfazed when two scantily clad women rub up on him. Clearly the demeanor of a heartbroken individual. Be sure to check out Hop’s No Shame by hitting the link above.


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