Shady Records has landed on a gem. What Boogie’s brief yet memorable “Deja Vu” lacks in longevity, it makes up for in vibe. The intimate, lush arrangement provides the versatile vocalist with the perfect backdrop to flex his more melodic side. Now, he’s come through to deliver yet another layer to the track, by coming through with some elaborate visuals. Immediately evoking memories of the long-forgotten “Mannequin Challenge,” Boogie’s video paints a surreal and stationary picture.

It may be premature, but an artist’s videos can speak volumes; generally, the more creativity one puts into their visuals, the more care they’ll put into their music. Both of Boogie’s recent clips have been enjoyable and well-crafted. We can only hope his Shady debut arises soon, as he’s truly beginning to emerge as one of the game’s exciting up-and-comers.