The very end of August marked the arrival of Blac Youngsta’s Fuck Everybody 2 tape, the follow up to 2016’s Fuck Everybody. Naturally, the effort was host to a number of bass-laden cuts, catchy hooks, and at times, hilarious lyrics that Youngsta is now known for. Previously supplementing the project with a video for the Tay Keith and Yung Lan-produced “Uh Uh,” Blac Youngsta now returns with a homegrown clip for his “901,” produced by C-Mo.

In the new video, the Memphis native takes viewers in a tour around his hood as he highlights his surrounding community for the track that reflects the area code of his hometown.

“I didn’t want to go all over the city, I wanted to just show where I grew up from. I wanted it to be a little more ratchet,” he tells Billboard, “When I came in, I came in doing videos like that in the hood all day with guns and whatnot. So, this time I wanted to do the same thing but take the guns out.”

Catch the clip in full.