Arin Ray’s Platinum Fire arrived in March of this year, and we’re far from done with it yet. An instant entry into a catalog of timeless selections, the crooner’s debut album is host to a varying yet coherent collection of tracks that find Ray tackling the ins-and-outs of love, self-care, and budding stardom.

One of the effort’s standouts and lead single was “Communication,” in which Arin recruits the Big Baby himself for an assist on the cut. Together, Arin Ray and DRAM form a cohesive duo beautifully crafting a storyline of working through a relationship.

In a new accompanying clip, directed by Kenneth Wynn, viewers get a storyline attached to deepen the track as Ray falls in love and runs away with his boss’s lady. Catch it in full up top and revisit Arin Ray’s Platinum Firewhile you’re at it.