Nipsey Hussle dropped by Hot 97 to appear of Funk Flex’s show in the wake of his latest album (and his first major label album) Victory Lap to deliver a freestyle live on air. The rapper mixed some of his more popular bars from “Stuck In The Grind,” “Can’t Spell Success,” and “Mark My Words,” with some new, fresh lyrics straight from the top of the dome for listeners that almost served as an extension of his album over Nas’ “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That).”

Hussle continues to talk about the struggles of a life of gang banging (staying in his lane) and, in a way, it matches up with the track he’s rhyming over, as he dreams of a better life and talks about how life has changed since he’s changed his hustle from banging to rapping. Nipsey’s flow is an extension of the title of his album, a proverbial victory lap now that he’s experiencing such massive success as an artist, with songs featuring huge hip-hop names like Kendrick Lamar and somewhat signaling the return of Puff Daddy.

After 10 years in the rap game, we’re cheering Nipsey on as he takes this lap, and ready to see him take several more.