It looks like Meek Mill is back in trouble with the law again, and this time it could be serious. According to TMZ, the MMG rapper could potentially be heading back to prison for a near 2 year stint after his latest probation violations.

If you remember, Meek was arrested for getting into a fight at a St. Louis airport back in March, and then again in August for his reckless driving of his four wheelers in NYC. While both of those arrests ended up getting dropped and he took a plea deal, they did ultimately violate his drug & weapon case, which apparently can land him back in prison reports claim.

Meek is scheduled for a court hearing this upcoming Monday (11/6) for the two probation violations, and the judge made it clear in the past that he’s not playing around with Meek. Back in 2015, Meek left Pennsylvania for a show without getting approval from the court and the judge ended up putting him on house arrest as a result. And considering these two recent arrests this year are even bigger than the travel issue, who knows what the judge will throw at him this time.

Meek could face up to 20 months in prison for the violation, but that’s apparently worse case scenario. However, Meek’s luck with the law has been pretty good this year, so something tells me he won’t be heading back to prison.

This latest report comes just days after finding out Meek’s airport assault case was dropped. Meek & his lawyers struck a deal with prosecutors to have the case dismissed if he completed community service, and after serving his hours at Philadelphia’s Veterans Association, the case was fortunately dismissed already.

We’ll keep you posted come next week if any further developments happen in court, but for now enjoy some of the latest music from Meek with “Team Rich” & “Homie” with Young Thug & DJ Carnage.