Khanine – Restore

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Something hit me hard as I listened to this new sound and as an A & R man with almost twenty years of experience, I knew this man was capable of causing trouble in the indigenous rap sub-genre.
 One of the most abused words/acronyms in modern times has to be the acronym ‘O. G’. An O. G must earn his stripes in all ramifications over time and space and KHANINE (Olushina Anthony Olalusi) is a street certified vet originally from Ondo state but representing Ogba.
   Making giant strides since the early 2000s both as a producer, instrumentalist and M. C, his first cut ‘aiming at your face’ hit so hard that for a moment everyone thought he was going to put Ogba on the hip hop map, but life happens and it takes guts and a strong will in one’s self  to try to make a comeback.
   ‘Restore’ just gives you that vibe, you can tell from his well constructed bars and delivery that we are in for one hell of chapter with KHANINE and it will always be an honour to listen to him take us on a journey of life through his mind’s eye and his powerful rap voice.


God Son !!

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