DBN Gogo, Blaqnick, MasterBlaq makes the weekend better as they drop a new track titled Khuza Gogo.

In making progress with the track, it featured the efforts of Mpura, AmaAvenger, and M.J.

Keeping the race, DBN Gogo last appeared on Shuffle Muzik’s track titled Sgubu featuring Dinho, Malindi & Kribzy.

DBN Gogo takes her style on this track again after she did it with Major League DJs on their Amapiano Live Balcony Mix B2B.

DBN Gogo also featured on Shuffle Muzik’s track titled Sgubu which also held Dinho, Malindi, and Kribzy on the tune.

Taking a new turn for the week, they play a big part in delivering good music to their fans.