Cardi B Responds To Tiffany Haddish Putting Barbra Streisand Onto Her

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Over the weekend, news surfaced online that actress Barbra Streisand was getting a tutorial on the music & success that is Cardi B thanks to comedian Tiffany Haddish. Tiff says she taught Barbra about Cardi B, tweeting out a picture of the two of them hanging out & saying “Just so y’all know I taught my big sister about @CardiB_ today.”

The internet had a feel day imagining Barbra Streisand listening to “Bodak Yellow,” but of course Cardi B was turnt up when she heard about it. On Monday, Cardi caught wind that Barbra was being turned onto her music, and therefore she took to Instagram to voice her excitement about it.

“Oooooo shnaaaappp!!! I’m wild Gas !!!Thanl you @tiffanyhaddish for putting me on !! Haaaaannnnnn,” Cardi captioned the IG post long with a screenshot of Tiffany’s picture.

Cardi’s response comes just hours after she made headlines for getting into it with her body guard, who was trying to awkwardly fix her skirt while on stage this weekend. However, Cardi later cleared the air and said her bodyguard was only trying to help her out. “My skirt kept rising up. I got upset is because he put so much force pulling it down I thought I would fall.” She followed that up by reassuring all those reading that she has zero beef with any member of her entourage. “I love the team of people I work with,” she later stated.

In addition to this, Cardi is also readying a new music video for her feature on Migos’ “Motor Sport” record with Nicki Minaj, which is set to drop this Friday.


Oooooo shnaaaappp!!! I’m wild Gas !!!Thanl you @tiffanyhaddish for putting me on !! Haaaaannnnnn😩😩😩😩

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